Tracked Shutters

Sometimes, finding a way to dress a large window or patio door can be difficult. That is, unless you know about tracked shutters.

These practical designs use full-height panels that are hinged to special tracks, allowing the tracked shutter to open and close in a concertina-like manner. This sliding-hinge is central to the strength of our tracked shutters and means that even the widest window can be stylishly covered without any loss of stability.

As with all our styles, tracked shutters can be tailored to your needs. Take a look at the ranges available. If you want a design for your bedroom, lounge or dining room then consider our timber and craftwood options. Alternatively, for the bathroom or kitchen you should think about our waterproof style.

You can further tailor your tracked shutters by choosing whether you want a natural wood or painted finish, as well as the louvre width and even the hinge colour.

Book an in-home appointment with one of our advisors and benefit from an expert’s advice while making your decisions. As well as offering you all sorts of tips, your advisor will measure the windows and give you a no-obligation quote.



  • A durable option for frequently used areas
  • Allows for multiple folding shutter panels
  • Can divide a large room
  • Ideal for patio doors
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