SMART Solar Shading

Were proud to say that all of our estimators team have completed a smart solar shading exam which enables them to pass all this relevant knowledge on to our customers to give you the best solar shading for your home or business premises.


Overheating is becoming a new challenge to consider, especially in well insulated and low energy homes. Climate change is adding to this common problem as it further increases the overheating risk.
The sun’s rays enter through the glazing, but are unable to escape back through the window, heating up the building. Solutions include external blinds, awnings and shutters that block or reflect the sun’s rays. Alternatively, outdoor living extensions can be created around the house using smart automated solar shading.


The sun is a wonderful powerful source of natural light, but its effect on us varies constantly, the light we are exposed to often becoming so bright that it causes discomfort. Trying to completely block the sunlight from entering our buildings isn’t a smart solution as the presence of natural light has proven health benefits. Smart Solar Shading is a clever solution to controlling levels of light, minimising glare and reducing harmful UV exposure.


People enjoy large, clear glazed windows as they let daylight in and allow us to maintain contact with the outdoor environment. During colder months even well-insulated modern windows become the weakest link in the overall façade insulation and are responsible for the largest heat loss. During the day, shading in a raised position can assist in letting the daylight in and maximise the heat gain. And at night, shutters and smart shading in a closed position improve the window’s insulating properties and assist in keeping the valuable heat in.


Sun rays directly entering the building through glazed areas can cause overheating and glare. However, as sun is a free natural source of energy for lighting and heating, efficiently harvesting this energy through smart automated external and internal Smart Solar Shading will optimise thermal and visual comforts of the occupants.


While architects use sunlight to improve the look and feel of our homes, the sun’s energy trapped indoors can easily become too intense, causing our interiors to overheat. This is proven to have a negative impact on our well-being. Smart Solar Shading reduces the discomfort large window surfaces can cause during warm weather whilst still allowing natural light in and keeping us visually connected with the exterior environment. Our comfort is also enhanced.


Avoidable heating costs during cold months and cooling costs during warm months soon add up. Smartly combined automated internal and external shading / shutters will reduce your energy bills and your CO2 footprint.

Solar Shading Summary

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