Tier on Tier Shutters

Sometimes you might be in the mood for the sun, other times you may want to feel snug, but you always like to be stylish. If this sounds like you, then tier-on-tier shutters are the perfect choice.

Independently operated top and bottom panels allow you to fully open and close or partially shut your tier-on-tier shutters.

Want the sun to brighten your room, but would like to avoid prying eyes? Simply open the top half of your tier-on-tier shutters, or throw both tiers wide when privacy is not a concern. At night, a fully closed tier-on-tier shutter will block out light and help you sleep straight through till your alarm clock rings.

And, of course, you can subtly adjust the louvres in both the top and bottom of your tier-on-tier shutter to allow the sun to gently illuminate your room.

Choose from timber, craftwood and waterproof options, each available in natural wood and painted finishes. Browse our tier-on-tier shutters range and get a better idea of which design is right for your home. Then book an in-home appointment with an advisor to find out more.


  • Independent top and bottom tiers
  • Excellent for controlling light and privacy
  • Natural wood and painted finishes
  • Ideal for bedrooms or lounges