Solid Shutters

Solid shutters are exactly as the name suggests. And that means the designs are superb at blocking out light and stopping draughts.

If you have trouble sleeping, you’ll appreciate the difference having solid shutters could make in the bedroom.

The single-piece design means there are no gaps for light to break through. So when dawn comes, solid shutters help keep the sun at bay and your room completely dark, leaving you to sleep straight through to when your alarm goes off.

A solid shutter at your window also offers an added insulating layer, helping to stop draughts and keep warmth inside your home.

When choosing a solid shutter, you don’t have to sacrifice style. You get to pick from an exceptional range in wood and 49 coloured finishes. This means you can be sure your solid shutter suits your


  • Fits from top to bottom of window in single-piece panels
  • Control light and privacy with ease
  • Available in natural wood and painted finishes