Café-style Shutters

Café-style shutters are the must-have choice in Paris, Vienna and Barcelona. And the stunning design is becoming more and more popular across Britain.

Summoning thoughts of continental chic, café-style shutters will give your home a sophisticated and cosmopolitan touch. Only the lower half of a window is covered, so even when closed the design allows natural light to fill a room without losing a sense of privacy.

And by tilting the louvres in a café-style shutter, you can allow even more light to fill a room.

Do you want café-style shutters for the lounge or bedroom? If so, you’ll probably prefer a design from our timber and craftwood ranges. However, if you’re choosing café-style shutters for the bathroom or kitchen then consider our waterproof collection.

Whatever the range, you can find a wood or painted finish to suit your taste.


  • Chic continental design
  • Covers only lower half of a window
  • Allows natural light in, without sacrificing privacy
  • Choose from natural wood and painted finishes