Child Safety

In line with legislation, we have carefully considered each blind on an individual basis, to ensure child safety is an essential feature. The home should be a place where children are safe and protected. Children naturally love to climb, explore and play and the possible risks may not be immediately obvious. Simple measures can be taken to minimise risks and keep your child safe. Moving beds, cots and furniture away from windows and ensuring cords do not twist, become tied together or create a loop. With Deal Direct you can be confident that the product choices you make are child safety focused.
It is really sad to say and not something we want to talk about, however, we need to get the message out there. Over the past three decades, as blinds have become more and more popular in homes, hundreds of children have died from strangulation caused by window blind cords, even if the cords were tied up out of reach.

Window blind cords are a hidden hazard and not commonly discussed, however, they pose a major threat to young children. Window cords are listed as a top five hidden home hazard by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
Death and serious injury from strangulation can happen fast. In many cases, parents or carers can walk away for what can be only a few minutes or may even be in the same room when the tragedy occurs. Once a child has a window cord wrapped around their neck, permanent damage can be done in seconds.
Window cord accidents have been documented in children ranging from less than a year old up to 8 years old, and children under the age of 4 are at the greatest risk of fatal injury.

What can you do?
Invest in cordless blinds for your family’s safety and if you have existing blinds in your home then seek advice from your local blind specialist like Deal Direct Blinds.
Child safety is paramount for Deal Direct Blinds. We will give you safety advice on your new blinds and any existing blinds already installed. Even if you don’t make a purchase from us, we are very happy to supply you with ‘child safety devices’ free of charge as child safety is very important to us.
Please talk about this issue with your family and friends and let’s get the message out there that people need to be aware of the dangers of Window Blind Cords.
Give us a call on 0191 2330818 and we will be happy to talk to you about your blind cord safety and what we can do to help you make your home safer for your children.

Please also take a look at the BBSA child safety video below

Child Safety for Blinds