Are plantation shutters energy efficient? Discussed by Deal Direct

Plantation Shutters give your home or business a contemporary look and feel. They give you a variety of options that a lot of other blinds or window coverings don’t. The louvres or slats of both plantation and traditional shutters are moveable, allowing you to adjust them to regulate the amount of light that enters your room.

You can have them completely open, opening up your whole window, allowing the full outside light to fill your room. You can have them part open by just tilting the slats, giving you some shade if the sun is really bright. You can have them completely shut, blocking out all of the natural light coming into your room, giving you complete privacy in the evenings or when you want it. The benefit of having plantation shutters shut in the winter is that they keep the warmth in and the cold out, therefore making your home more energy efficient. They also provide protection from the fading effects of direct sunlight, provide a barrier to outside noise whilst giving you full or partial privacy.

Are Plantation Shutters energy efficient?

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Plantation shutters are the most effective option of the traditional methods, reducing heat loss by 51%; Insulating the panels of the shutters further reduced heat loss by 60%. Compare this to curtains that reduce heat loss by only 14%.

Many energy-efficient window coverings now have insulating values so not only do they help with your heating costs but they also make your home look and feel stylish and contemporary.

What are Plantation Shutters made of?

Plantation shutters can be made from real wood or composite plantation shutters can be made from engineered wood which is MDF wrapped in vinyl or PVC coating. They give the same look as real wood and come in many different styles and colours to suit your home or business. Composite plantation shutters are very sturdy, whilst also being weather and humidity resistant supporting the energy efficiency in your home. Composite wood plantation shutters are less expensive than real wood plantation shutters and are therefore a popular choice. They are easy to keep clean by just wiping them with a dry cloth and there are so many styles and colours to choose from. It is very difficult to buy standard fit plantation shutters off the shelf due to the number of styles available so the best option is to have them made to measure so they fit your window opening exactly.

What styles of Plantation Shutters are there?

There are so many styles of plantation shutters and each one will give you a different look and feel.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters has independently operated top and bottom panels, allowing you to fully open and close, or partially shut your shutters.

If you want the natural sunlight to brighten your room but still want some privacy then you can just open the top half of your tier on tier shutters. You can fully open both tiers when you want the full sunlight to enter your room and when privacy is not a concern. At night, you can fully close your tier-on-tier shutters which will block out light, give you full privacy and keep your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you want to allow some natural sunlight in to brighten your room but still want some privacy then you can adjust the louvres in both the top and bottom of your tiers.

Full Height Shutters

Full Height Plantation Shutters are a timeless style that will look perfect in any room for both contemporary and traditional styles. They stretch from the bottom to the top of your window frame, creating a sense of grandeur and giving definition to your window.

You can choose for your full-height shutters to have the louvres at the top and bottom of each panel to work together or independently, giving you greater control over light and privacy.

Tracked Shutters

Tracked Shutters are a great way to dress a large window or patio door. The practical designs available use full-height panels that are hinged to special tracks, allowing the tracked shutter to open and close in a concertina-like manner. This sliding-hinge is central to the strength of our tracked shutters and means that even the widest window can be stylishly covered without any loss of stability.

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Cafe Style Shutters

Continental chic, café-style shutters will give your home a sophisticated and cosmopolitan touch. Café Style Plantation Shutters only cover the lower half of a window so even when the louvres are closed they allow natural light to fill your room from the top half without affecting your privacy. Alternatively, you can tilt the louvres to allow some natural light to enter your room or, have them fully open to allow the full light from your window to flood into your room.

Shaped Shutters

Shaped Plantation Shutters can be made to measure for any size or shaped window, from triangular, circular, hexagonal, arched, angled, sash, bay, bow a Shaped Shutter will give you the wow factor.

Solid Shutters

Solid Plantation Shutters are solid full pane shutters which block out any light or draughts when fully shut, keeping the warmth in and the cold out. Solid Shutters are great in a bedroom when you want your room to be completely dark as the single-piece design means there are no gaps for light to break through.

Plantation Shutter Summary

Plantation shutters are a beautiful, contemporary and affordable window covering that give you many opening, lighting and shading options in hallways, lounges, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Whether you choose vinyl, composite or wood, they will add style, warmth, shade and privacy to your home for years to come.

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