Customer Guide:

Booking an appointment to measure & placing your order.

At Deal Direct we pride ourselves on providing an accurate measuring service. To help us provide this, please note the following requirements before you book an appointment to measure.
  1. All replacement windows to be fitted prior to measuring
  2. All window sills to be fixed and in place
  3. Any new carpets to be fitted in doorways prior to measure if blinds are required in this area
  4. Tiling to be complete
  5. No wet paint in measuring area on day of measure
  6. Plastering to be complete and dry before measuring visit

Ensuring that the above criteria is met means that our estimator is able to take accurate sizes.

Unoccupied / New-Build Properties
We do require you to be present at the appointment to measure as there are many things to advise and bring to your attention. For example these include gaps on bay windows, fitting positions, suitability of blinds and position of controls.
Preparing for Installation
  1. Fill any old holes left by brackets
  2. Remove any other obstructions as agreed with the estimator such as old phone sockets from sills, dado rails, etc.
  3. Ensure all installation areas are free of breakable objects
  4. The fitter will require the outstanding balance to be paid to him/her once the installation is complete. Please have this ready to pay (card or cash).