Schools Window Blinds

Schools Window Blinds
Choosing the right blinds for your school or higher education establishment can have a huge impact on both staff and students.
The wrong choice could impact productivity, cost you money and potentially make you look unprofessional.

Looking Professional
Whether you are looking for that classic minimal professional look, a stylish high-tech design or simply something that’s clean and practical, window blinds will have a big impact on the look and feel of your school buildings.
Tired, worn-out blinds convey the wrong impression both inside and outside your premises and a simple refresh of the window blinds you use, can provide a huge lift to your working environment.
The team at Deal Direct will help ensure you get that perfect bespoke window blind solution, whilst making sure you stay within budget.

Managing Energy
Effective window blinds in your school will help with savings on energy costs. The correct choice of blinds will keep heat in during the cooler months as well as reflecting heat during the summer and warmer months. Overall that’s less money spent on energy and heating for your school. There may also be savings to be had by reducing lighting costs too (see below).
Deal Direct offer thermally optimised Roller blinds, Pleated blinds and Vertical blinds in our range. Not only do you get great heat properties and temperature comfort using these blinds, they are also available in a wide range of fabrics and colours to maintain that professional look

Managing Light & Glare
Daylight is proven to boost concentration and improve student productivity. It also supports well-being in your team.
Managing natural light access in your office is essential, but it’s a balance of natural daylight during the day and a combination of natural and artificial light during later hours.
Whilst natural light access is desired, for students who have their backs to any windows, they may suffer from computer screen glare. This can cause eyestrain and affect posture and seating position.
Choosing the right type of blinds will optimise natural light levels whilst combating screen glare. They help keep your team in top condition.

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