Restaurant Awnings

Restaurant Awnings
Deal Direct Blinds manufacture Awnings using only the finest quality materials sourced across Europe. We choose to use world class brands for the Awning fabric, providing the highest level of UV protection. Each product is tailor-made to your requirements for your restaurant and installed by our own team at Deal Direct.

The way your restaurant, café or bistro looks from the outside is crucial to people deciding whether they want to visit your premises or not. Even if your awning is faded or not truly reflecting your business brand, you could be losing business.

Outdoor Dining Space
Al-fresco dining spaces can create a new moneymaking opportunity for your restaurant. What may currently be an unused space can be revitalised with the introduction of an awning. Increasing the number tables your restaurant can cater for can potentially increase the number of people served, and vitally increase your revenue. Having happy customers outside your restaurant/café/bistro will make the business more desirable and encourage potential customers to came and explore your premises, boosting turnover and profitability.

Heating and lighting options are available to further increase the times at which your outdoor space can be used and increase your daily takings as a result. During the summer, outdoor dining is enjoyed across the country, and can be the difference between your restaurant and another. Extended periods of sunshine are rare in the UK, but when they do happen it is important to be protected. Not only will an awning provide shade to your customers during sunny days so that they can dine in comfort, but the awning will also protect them from harmful UV rays.

The awning can also be an advertising reward, as you can have your logo and branding printed on these which is a fantastic idea to increase customers seeing who you are.

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