Café Plantation Shutters

Café Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters are such a wonderful bespoke, elegant solution for your café. Deal Direct take great pride to say our product is the best available, they’re very durable whilst at the same time will completely transform the appearance of your café.
Imagine your clients waking into the café seeing beautiful plantation shutters which open to a gorgeous view at your location.

Heat and Energy Control
Plantation shutters are a fantastic sun and light control for your café too.
The difference between blinds and plantation shutters is that blinds are either open or closed, there is little in-between. Whereas plantation shutters have many features with their doors and slats, makes controlling light levels to your choice. With their movable slats, shutters give you the ultimate control, letting you open the slats sufficiently for light to come into the café, without sacrificing on privacy. Shutters are very customisable too. For example, a hidden split or mid-rail gives you separate slat control on the top and bottom sections. So, should you fancy, you can have the bottom slats closed with the top open, letting plenty of daylight into the room.

Bespoke Solutions
Plantation shutters are made-to-measure, they match your window to the millimetre, ensuring they fit perfectly flush to the recess. Besides the obvious aesthetic benefits, this has other rewards too. Firstly, drafts will have a hard (if not, impossible) time sneaking their way past your fabulous shutters. This ensures that your café rooms will stay warmer in the cold winter months, helping save you money on your energy bills, then in turn when it is the summer these can keep the sun glare out of your shared spaces also keeping it cooler. Secondly, when closed, shutters have a marked effect on noise reduction. So, if your café is by a noisy road, shutters will reduce the noise for your customers.

Deal Direct have already measured, designed and installed a variety of shutters for cafés, shutters for restaurants and shutters for large corporate offices throughout the region. We have staff expertise when it comes to measuring and our teams of both estimators and fitters are used to visiting your premises when it is convenient for yourselves.

Call Deal Direct today on 0191 2330818 to discuss your café Plantation Shutter requirements.

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