Square Bar Folding Arm Awnings

Square Bar Folding Arm awnings are a strong and versatile awning well suited to both  the Domestic and Commercial market.
Their elegant design will not look out of place in any situation.

Operation is either by means of a manual crank handle or an electric motor which can be switch operated together with wind and sun sensors if required or even by remote control.

Full cassette awnings are highly advisable for the protection of installations that are exposed to the elements, and the only type of awning that will really protect the fabric cover. Remember, the cover will retain it’s pristine appearance only, if it is properly protected and retracted in bad conditions. They are ideal for residential and commercial use, including shops pubs, and other retail establishments. They combine fantastic quality and great value for money. Finished to a very high specification, full cassette awnings are the strongest of all of our awnings.

Options Available

Sizes Available

  1. Electric operation.
  2. Remote control.
  3. Remote with win-guard anemometer.
  4. Remote with wind vibration sensor.
  5. Remote with wind anemometer.
  6. Remote with wind anemometer and sun.