New Automated Electric Blinds by Deal Direct Blinds

Have you seen or even heard about Automated Electric Blinds? Do you want to wake up in the morning from the natural light rather than a harsh alarm clock? Do you have an office with lots of windows that you want to automatically open and close your blinds quickly? Do you have a window or door that you can’t reach to open and close a blind? Do you want to add an extra security feature to your home or business? If so our new Automated Blinds are perfect for you.

What are the benefits of Automated Electric Blinds?


It’s hard to think about the benefits of having automated electric blinds in your home or business, but if we had to pick one it would be the convenience factor. It seems an exuberant luxury when you first start thinking about it, however, once you have electric blinds you will never go back.

Electric Roller Blinds

In recent years, the advances in home automation have become even smarter and more intuitive. Automated electric blinds allow you to make a repetitive task that you don’t have time for when you are rushing out in the mornings easy. If you have a lot of blinds in your home or business it can actually save you a lot of time in the morning and evening. With just the touch of a button at home or remotely using a smart device, you can open and close your blinds easily, you can even set them to open or close on a timer so it happens whether you are there or not.

An automated blind is really useful and actually essential if you have a hard to reach ‘window’ that you just can’t reach to open and close the blind yourself.



Motorised blinds, including roller blinds, solar blinds, draperies, and pleated blinds are cordless. The cords used to operate traditional blinds and shades are a choking and strangling hazards to children and pets and is something that is not talked about enough, and a lot of people don’t even think about. Automated Electric Blinds are cord and chain free so are the safe and convenient solution for all of your family.

When you away from home or the office electric blinds on a timer give the appearance that you are there, making your property less attractive to burglars and it also prevents anyone from taking a look at your belongings that they may want to come back and collect without you knowing.

When you are away you can put your blinds on a timer, or change the position of the blinds from your smart device whenever you like. Setting your blinds to open and close on a timer, multiple times in the day dependent on the sun entering a room can also keep your furniture looking better for longer, preventing fading and sun damage.

Energy Efficiency

Opening and shutting your blinds is about much more than simply blocking or letting light into a room you can set your blinds to open and close at certain times of the day maximising your properties energy efficiency. It is counterproductive to have your office air conditioning running if you have the sun streaming through the windows whereby in the winter months when you have the sun shining through, you want your blinds to be open which will reduce your heating bills.

Maximise the Space in Your Home

Electric Automated blinds can’t make your room bigger, however, they can make the space in your property more efficient and usable. A bedroom that is light tight at night to ensure you get a good nights sleep but lets the sun in, just in time to wake you up gently without that alarm beeping loudly. These small touches can make your home more relaxing and tranquil.

Do you have an awning in your garden that is difficult to open and close manually? An electric awning is a perfect and easy way to keep you protected from the rays of the sun just when you need it, maximising the comfort and usability of your outdoor space. Relaxing in your garden will never feel so good!


So now you know the benefits of Automated Electric Blinds I bet you are seriously thinking about them and how they won’t just add that touch of luxury but also convenience in your busy schedule. Deal Direct Blinds are a family run business who have been supplying blinds to homeowners and businesses in the North East and the whole of the UK for over 30 years. Our Super-size showroom will give you inspiration and our huge choice of designs, styles and materials means you may even see something you haven’t even thought about. You can take your time and have a tea or coffee at our viewing bar, taking in the vast selection and using the expertise of our team to ensure you make the right choice for you.

Our highly trained fitters ensure all of our products are fitted to an extremely high standard. We offer a free fitting service when you buy from us, so you can sit back and relax whilst we do all the hard work.

Come and talk to us today about our Automated Electric Blinds or give us a call on 0191 2330818 to find out more. We can make, supply and fit bespoke automated electric blinds throughout the North East UK and specifically Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham, Sunderland, Washington, Cramlington, Morpeth, Ashington, Killingworth, Whitley Bay, North Shields and South Shields.